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Welcome to our PwC Private Business Exchange blog page!  PwC's Private Business Exchange program helps drive long-term success for private companies.

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Hire calling: How Hootsuite is building a diverse workforce

Read now - Hire Calling
Hootsuite Media Inc. understands that its market is everybody. A pioneer when it launched in 2008, the Vancouver-based company makes cloud-based software that helps organizations manage and measure their social media presence.

To support its rapid global expansion, this tech trailblazer builds a multigenerational and culturally diverse workforce.  Hootsuite aims to build a diverse workforce, so it can appeal to the broadest possible client base, serve people in their own languages and tailor its product to local markets.

Ambrosia Humphrey, Vice-President of Talent, Hootsuite Media shares her insights in Up front
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Total Retail 2015: Retailing in an age of disruption

Read now: Total retail 2015
PwC’s Total Retail 2015 report indicates that the in-store model, mobile technology and social media are among the challenges that Canadian retailers must address in order to thrive in the evolving retail environment. Understanding the customer and total retail model will lead to successful Canadian retailers in the age of disruption.

This report highlights the three main disruptors that affect the industry today, and how you can use this insight for your retail strategies, operating models and infrastructures to evolve your business as the needs of your customers evolve.

Read Total Retail 2015: Retailing in an age of disruption



Mastering the art of decision making, powered by science

Watch now: Canadian insights from Big Decisions

Data and analytics can bring clarity and confidence when making a crucial business decision. 60% of Canadian and 63% of global respondents to our Global Data & Analytics Survey: Big Decisions, say that big data and enhanced data analysis already changed decision making at their organizations.

What are the biggest hurdles to using more data and analysis in your decision making?

Watch our video on the insights shared by Canadian executives

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Federal Budget 2015

Budget 2015: Are we there yet?

On Tuesday, April 21, 2015 the Canadian Federal budget was tabled in parliament.

Three key items from the release of the budget are:

  1. Decrease in the small business deduction rate
  2. Donations involving private company shares or real estate
  3. Increase in TFSA annual limits


View our Budget 2015 page for more detail on how this may impact you and your business, and to read our instant reactions and summary.

For more on the 2015 Federal budget, visit:


Moving to the cloud: CFOs may experience some pain moving to the cloud, but the gain will make it well worth it

Read now - CFO agenda

There’s been hype over cloud computing, and how it involves the provision of on-demand computing resources over the Internet on a pay-per-use model. The cloud offers benefits on cost, efficiency, governance, agility and empowerment.

But how can a CFO and their finance function make the most use of this technological innovation?

Read PwC's CFO Agenda to find out more!



Watch: Balancing digital strategy with cybersecurity risk

Watch now: Balancing digital strategy with cybersecurity risk

As a private company, what can you do to protect your business from cybercriminals and how can you apply the most appropriate controls?

PwC’s Chris Dulny, National Technology Leader and Jason Green, Director, Cyber Resilience share their perspectives. 


Bridging the generation gap

Top 10 tips - Millenials

How can you engage your multi-generational workforce and adapt your management strategies to changing needs?

The workforce is constantly changing, and rapidly. We ask (and answer!) the top 10 questions your private company management team should be asking about the multi-generational workforce and how to retain your top talent.

Read now: Bridging the gap - Top10 Questions about the multi-generational workforce


Cyberattacks on the rise – Understanding the cyber ecosystem and how to protect your business

Register now! Cyberattacks on the rise webinar

Join our upcoming Growing your business webinar for leaders of private companies on April 9th, 2015 at 2:00pm EDT!

Cyberattacks on the rise – Understanding the cyber ecosystem and how to protect your business

With the number of cyber security incidents on the rise, data and systems security is a question on the minds of many private company executives, but few are actually addressing this challenge.  The cost to a business can be high, ranging from financial loss to reputational damage. With heightened awareness, private companies can fight back.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • What assets your company should be protecting
  • What risks you should be considering
  • How to focus your controls on what matters most

Interested in joining on Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 2:00pm EDT?

Click here, or copy the link below to register for our webinar.  Attendees are eligible to receive CPD credit.


Greater risk and more reward for private companies

Read now: Greater risk and more reward for private companies

Pain and gain is the reality of this high-stakes operating environment where competition is more intense, customer demands are rising and the speed of change is faster. Uncertainty is the only certainty and private company leaders have a greater appreciation that they must do more to thrive in this riskier, but potentially more rewarding world.

Henrik Steinbrecher, PwC’s Network Middle Market Leader gives us his perspective in his blog posting Greater risk and more reward for private companies.



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Estate tax update: US estate tax exposure for US citizens living in Canada

Read now: Estate tax update 2015 edition

Are you a US citizen living in Canada?  If so, as a Canadian resident and US citizen, you may be subject to both tax regimes upon death.

For more details read our Estate tax update: US estate tax exposure for US citizens living in Canada (2015 edition).

We understand US citizenship status is not always clear.  Please consult PricewaterhouseCoopers Immigration Law LLP if you are unsure about your status.