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Varda Shahid

Hi Nisha,

Congratulations and good luck for this upcoming recruitment project. I'm really glad PwC decided to go ahead with "PwC Connect".

As for the comments, I hope PwC Connect addresses the concerns of candidates from diverse academic backgrounds who wish to join PwC.

It would be great if we review employee "academic" profiles and / or tips from recent recruits on their strategy during the recruitment process.

Hope this helps,


Ali Jaffer

Hi Nisha,

Welcome back to Toronto!

Before I begin with any suggestions, I would like to state that the name and/or title "PwC Connect" is awesome. From my experience, selecting an appropriate name and/or title is by far one of the most challenging tasks when embarking upon new initiatives. “PwC Connect” maintains creativity and professionalism.

As far as the content in concerned, I think it would be great if there was a variety of media types. For example, in addition to having a text-based blog, it can feature rich media, through audio, video, and/or podcasts. This may assist individuals who have difficulties in comprehending the English language. Furthermore, audio files may assist individuals who are visually impaired. Perhaps, in the foreseeable future, an integrated technological feature allowing users to participate in various methods: text, audio or video.

With respects to recruitment-related material, it can feature sample interviews, dress code tips, and etiquettes for networking.

Looking forward to reading your posts about your trip to Miami!

Kind regards,

Ali Jaffer

Libby Cantwell

Hi Varda,

Thank you for your suggestion. I will definitely pass your comments along to our HR team for their consideration in future material!

Libby Cantwell

Hi Ali,

Thanks so much for taking the time to provide us with some suggestions. I agree, the name "PwC Connect" is great, but I can't take credit for that - we have a great Marketing team! I will also pass on your suggestion about incorporating rich media, as that may facilitate a better understanding for those where English is not their first language, or for those who have other limitations. Thanks again for all your suggestions!


Hello Nisha,

First I would like to thank you for this excellent resource.

I would like to ask what skills does PwC look for when recruiting candidates for an associate position ? I did talk to some recruiters about this, but where can I find a list of the skills you look for online.


Libby Cantwell

Hi Ehab,

Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you are finding the blog useful and I hope it is providing you with some useful insight!

Regarding your question,there is no "list of skills" that I can refer you. However, I can share with you some of the skills we look for in people such as strong communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to juggle multiple activities, good technical accounting skills , people who can work both independently and in a team environment and who are flexible and responsive to change. Also, over the next few weeks, we will also be posting [on PwC Connect] a video series of "recruitment tips", so I would encourage you to check back here and have a look.

I hope this helps and please feel free to send me anymore questions you may have!


Hi Nisha,

I am qualified CA from India (after completing my internship at Big4 in India)

Wanted to know, whether your firm is open to accepting candidates - qualified people from other countries and in case they've any conditions, could you kindly throw some light on the same.

Libby Cantwell

Hi Ashish,

Yes, PwC does actively recruit candidates with varying backgrounds and experience. I suggest that you visit to determine whether or not there is a position that you feel you would like to be considered for. The recruitment team will review your resume and contact you directly, should they determine that your skill set is a match with the position that they are hiring for.

Thank you for the question and please let me know if you require anymore information!


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