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Thanks a lot for sharing your experiance Ainslie:). Can you plase also let me know about the recruitment process for internships in GTA campus, whats the application processand when does it start ? Thanks


Would a Masters of Accounting in Tax or a Masters in Tax help someone who wanted to work in the Tax department in Canada?

Adah Teotico

Hi Ainslie,

Thank you for this blog post. I am currently trying to figure out exactly which route I'd like to pursue. I've talked to individuals at PwC Vancouver from different departments and senority level to get a feel for both Audit and Tax. I'm very interested in both but I know I have to choose one.
I would like to get comments from you on the following:

As a Canadian Tax expert would there be as many international secondment opportunities available as there would be in Audit? If there are not many, how limited are the international tax secondments?


Given that if I take the tax route in obtaining my CA I will not be able to sign off on financial statements, would this hinder my career growth to some extent or limit opportunities?

Thank you

Vincent Wu

Hi Ainslie,

Great blog post - you've definitely helped answer a lot of the questions I had!

Looking forward to future posts!


Hi Bahareh,
The GTA doesn't offer tax summer internships (yet) but they do offer co-ops! Recruiting takes place in the fall and deadlines are school-specific. Starting Sept. 1st, our website should be able to fill you in on any on-campus events we're running at your school.

You can also reach out to Elizabeth or Fiona, who work on our GTA AAG and Tax recruitment teams, respectively.


Hi Matt! I'm not too familiar with either Masters program, so I can't comment specifically on their merit, but I definitely believe that learning and development in a particular area can only help you in the long run.

As well, I think it's important during the recruiting process to highlight the qualities, skills, or experiences that make you distinctive. In my mind, having a Masters in Accounting or Tax would definitely help you to stand out!


Great questions, Adah! I will leave the question on international secondments for my next post - I have a pretty long answer on that one (and I bet a lot of people are curious about secondment opportunities).

You're right on the sign off restriction - if you don't get the Audit experience, you can't sign off on audited financial statements (kind of makes sense, doesn't it?). Having said that, do you know who signs off on audited financial statements? Audit partners! Basically, unless you want to become a partner in Audit (or start your own Audit firm), this limitation shouldn't ever be a factor in your career. If you're interested, you can read about it on the CICA website.

Hope that helps - and thanks so much for giving me a great idea for my next post!


Hi Vincent,
Thanks for your comment - I'm really glad that you got some of your questions answered. Let me know if you have others!

Adah Teotico

Hi Ainslie,

Thank you for your comments. I know I would like to make it as a partner one day but I am still undecided on Tax or Audit. I do not know what other factors to consider to help me decide.

I look forward to reading your post on secondments. I'm glad to have shared the idea.

I will be checking back soon for it.

Have a nice day!


Hi Ainslie,

Thanks for this post. I was always in the grey about what CAs do in Tax but this has given me a better understanding.

One aspect that attracts me to Audit is that it can lead to career developments into industries that the CAs audit for. Are there such opportunities in Tax? And do most people stay in Tax after getting their CA?



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