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Hello Fahad,

Thank you so much for your post again! I've always feel so pumped after your blogs. I especially like your tip on incorporating the key words into our cover letters.

I am just wondering if you could please provide some quick advice on my resume and cover letter, if you have the time? I would love to connect with you personally too!

Thank you

Ujala Mahmood

Hi Fahad,

Thank you so much for posting this! I think it is interesting that you mentioned, for the cover letter, to make the prospective workplace want you by talking like "one of them". That's really good advice on tailoring the cover letter by making it more personal for the company.

I agree with you, about adding some personality on the resume such as interests, and so what do you think about adding a link to linkedin profiles on the resume?

You made many helpful points, for both cover letter and resume, and I will definitely be applying them!

Kind Regards,


Syed Tabish Bukhari

Wow, this is one of the amazing guide to the cover letter and resume. I really like how to explained the cover letter as a game to answer the recruiter's most important question. The explanation on how to write resume is also wonderful.

Rafay Us

Hi Fahad,

Thanks for the post. This is definitely a stressful time for most of the students and I wanted to get my Resume and Cover Letter edited by as many people as possible before applying. Your post included some excellent tips which I can add to my Resume/Cover Letter.
Thanks Again,
Muhammad Rafay Usmani


Thank you very much everyone for such positive and encouraging comments!

Ujala, I have not seen anyone actually do this and personally, I do not think it really adds any value because your profile on LinkedIn is probably just a summary of what you have on your resume. However, if you have something that stands out on your LinkedIn profile that you cannot include on your resume, it would then might make sense to add it in there.

Kathleen/Rafay, add me either on LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter and let's keep in touch :)


Hi Fahad,

Can you confirm that the application deadline for Ryerson University is indeed tomorrow at 11:59pm ? It says on our school's website that it is at 9am.

and thanks for your great post, very helpful as always.


Hibbah Khan

Hey Fahad!

Like always, your blog is very inspiring and useful. I actually just submitted my PwC application and ensured that my resume and cover letter were the best portrayal of my personality, by using the tips you highlighted above :)

Thanks a lot!

Nouman Jabbar

Thanks very much for the post I shall be very thank full if sir you , provides a dummy kind of Cover letter ( a more practical way how to start and finish where to write what...)
and if possible dummy style of CV please.
and secondly if I may have no practical work experience how it may possible to demonstrate team work.

Ambreen Lalani

Hi Fahad,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write your blogs! Targeting a resume and cover letter is challenging and your blog provides all the necessary tips to make this process smooth and easy for students like myself.

If you had some time, would you be able to take a quick look at my resume and cover letter? I would really appreciate any advice or tips you may have for improvement.

Kind regards,

Ambreen Lalani


Hello Farhad,

To be safe, I would apply by 9am!

Good luck!

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