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Hi Eileen,

I was wondering if PwC Waterloo or other PwC SWO offices offer co-op from January to April. I attend University of Waterloo and will be going through recruiting this fall. I met wonderful PwC staff from Toronto at Public Accounting night and other events. I hope to meet some amazing PwC staff from the Waterloo offices or other SWO offices this September.

I also had a question about the AAG practice in Waterloo. I realize that in Toronto most people belong to a specific industry group such as TICE or FSI. What are the major industry groups/sectors in Waterloo or SWO?

Thank you Eileen for writing an entertaining blog! Best of luck with your UFE prep! Enjoy your summer.




Hi Lillian,

Thanks for your comment! Great news that you'll be going through recruiting this fall! PwC Waterloo does hire co-op students for the Winter term (January to April). The number of students hired each term will vary depending on the staffing needs for the office. I encourage you to actively participate in the recruiting process at your University and connect with the recruitment team at those events. They will be able to provide you with more information regarding which offices are hiring for that term.

You're exactly right about the industry groups in our Toronto office; in SWO however, it is a bit different. Because of our wide array of clients, most Associates are not actually assigned to a specific industry group, rather we are assigned to variety of different clients in a variety of different industries. Working with such a wide variety of clients has been a great experience, as I've been provided with opportunities to learn and become familiar with multiple industries at once!

Thanks for your good luck wishes and good luck with recruitment this fall!


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