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Daniel Jo

Hi Francis,

My name is Daniel Jo and I'm currently going into 4th year accounting at Sauder, UBC (Vancouver).

I am also interested in working at PwC Calgary for the similar reasons you have listed in your blog.
Just sounds amazing and exciting!
I would love to work where there's growing opportunities as well as a chance to snowboard in the Rockies on weekends!
I'm more inclined to tax than audit, and would love to be part of the team!
Any advice?

Much appreciated!


Hi Daniel,

Thank you for showing interest in PwC and our blog! If you check out our new the campus recruitment website at ca/campus you will find more information on the Audit and Tax programs under “Why PwC” and “What We Do”. You can also find more information on the Calgary office by going to “Our Offices” and “Calgary”. I would also recommend checking out the events calendar online and ensure you are attending as many events as possible and really building those relationships with the PwC team.

Enjoy your last year in college and do not hesitate to ask any other questions regarding the PwC office in Calgary!




Hi Francis

How did you go about connecting and building relationships with the PwC team in Calgary as an out of province applicant? As an out of province candidate, would you say it is equally as important to connect with the PwC team from your local office.

Thank you!


Hi Lauren,

Thank you for participating to my blog!
Being from Montreal, I wasn’t too involved with the Montreal office once the recruitment process was over. I was busy working and graduating and was looking to organize my move across the country.
That being said, I did come to Calgary to visit a few places before choosing where I wanted to move in the city and ask a fellow future colleague for a coffee. It was really nice to get a little idea of how the onboarding process would go and what kind of project was the team working on.
I do admit that I did not get in touch with the local office until I officially got started with the firm. I would strongly recommend doing so as you would be aware of all the activities (campus recruitment, charity events, etc) where you could go and learn more about the firm and meet its people.
I hope this helps Lauren and do not hesitate to post more comments or questions!



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